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Stranahan High

Home of the Mighty Dragons

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    Stranahan's website will ensure that progress is continuous as we strive to be the best we can be!. 

    In order to achieve this effort we ask for your feedback, please feel free to contact us.

    If you have any sugestions for the school's website let us know in Suggestions

    Webmaster Team

    Mrs. Garcia  

    Mrs. Garcia (Media Center)

    Julian Berrio

    Julian A. Berrio


    Peyton Marinelli

    Currently Being Worked On

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    Our School

    Administration (add the rest of administration)

    School Policy (Student Parking, Tardy)

    Photo Gallery (add different sections within the gallery)

    Make Mrs. Lewis a BRACE Page 


    Finish Student Homepage

    Clubs & Orginization (get information on organized clubs)

    Guidance(organize, have all updated info)

    Media Center (Add pictures)


    Make SAC a main tab

    Parents (organize and move around to it's proper spot)


    Homepage (add picture)

    Utap (add information)


    Get information for all the sports (coaches, dates, how to join)


    Homepage (make an appealing home with pictures)

    Get information and pictures for each of the departments

    Head-shot picture for all the teachers


    Add contact information for the rest of administration


    Complete makeover

    BCPS links

    Add more links 


    Add calender dates

    Change the top links 

    Fix the school icon 

    Get daily announcements for homepage

    Add quick links to homepage

    Optimize photos in banner

    Add Band information (how to join)