Academic Pathways

  • In keeping with Attuck's mission to provide excellence for every student every day we have developed a clear process to individualize and personalize the educational experience of our unique and diverse students.  We strive to serve every child in our community to the best of our ability and this means ensuring that every child's academic and emotional needs are met.  Once students are registered at our school, we look at their previous academic history to determine the right academic path for each student.  Attucks Eagles will be scheduled in one of three academic paths depending on whether they require enrichment and acceleration, on-level growth, or academic support. Please see below for a more detailed description of each academic path.

Scholar Eagles Pathway
  • The Scholar Eagles Pathway is designed specifically for highly academically motivated students who already embody the Cambridge Learner Attributes and need academic acceleration and enrichment in the core curriculum areas of Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies.  This rigorous accelerated academic program blends the Florida State Standards with Cambridge International Examinations Standards and curriculum  to challenge students at the highest levels and allow them to move through the curriculum at a faster pace.  In order to be successful in this pathway, students must demonstrate a history of prior academic acheivement and ability through a student application package which includes FSA scores, parent and teacher recommendation, report cards, and student essay.

Soaring Eagles
  • At Attucks, we realize that not all students need or want academic acceleration in their core courses.  The Soaring Eagles Academic Pathway is designed for students who are on level or above academically but may not be ready for the intensity and demands of an accelerated core academic curriculum.  Students in this pathway are placed in rigorous advanced academic courses that follow the State of Florida Standards and curriculum for college and carreer readiness. In addition to advanced core courses, students in this pathway can choose two of our Communications Electives Pathways and may earn several high school credits in those electives as well as get hands on experience and industry certification.  

Rising Eagles
  • Attucks Middle Cambridge Global Communications Academy lives by its motto of: Excellence for every student, every day.  We believe that every child can learn and grow with the right support; this is why we have developed the Rising Eagles pathway.  This pathway serves to meet students who are not performing on level at their level and help them rise up.  Students in this pathway receive extra academic support in the areas of Math or Literacy based on their past academic history and current abilities.  These students are also encouraged to grow on a personal level and build a positive mindset towards school and academic achievement.  Scheduling for these students is done carefully and based on the individual child's needs.