Principal's Message

  • Principal


    Welcome back to the 2016-2017 school year. As we reflect on the transformation from all of the technology and Stem-tastic improvements made last year, we look forward to this year’s outcomes following the changes and additions made to our curriculum and faculty. 

    This year’s theme is “Unleash Your Inner Superhero,” and Apollo’s teachers and students will use all of their powers to make sure we have a year filled with academic success and progress. The departments overseeing our school’s core subjects are poised to take on the challenge of appropriately placing students to ensure the best course is taken to meet each child's individual needs. Teachers will conduct selected diagnostic assignments and exams that will assist them in adequately accommodating each student’s academic comprehension levels. The aim of our staff is to create rigorous learning environments dedicated to providing a high-quality education for all students at all levels. 

    Apollo’s strong “Stem-Tastic” Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Aeronautics program along with our LEEO program, extra-curricular activities, and top-notch faculty are in place and working hard to develop young thinkers and inspiring them to become productive innovators. 

    Have a great year!

    Shawn Aycock,