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Apollo Middle

Broward County Public Schools

Cafeteria Information

  • A free breakfast is available to all students here at Apollo Middle School. The price of lunch for the 2016-2017 remains $2.35. Follow this link if you are in need of a free and reduced lunch form.

    Please note the following:

    Charging Lunch: Effective the first day of school year, the charging process for students will return to one charge meal. Charging at the middle school is at the discretion of each student based on administration.

    After School Snacks: Schools where 50% or more students receive free and reduced priced meals, may receive a snack at no cost to the student. The After School Program must provide education or enrichment activities.

    After School Supper: After school supper is available at no charge to students who are in an educational afterschool program is present.

    Competitive Foods:  The Competitive Food Rule (5P-1.003) applies to schools participating in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. The rule identifies if foods may be sold in competition with school meals and the types of foods, which may be sold.

    Charge Policy:  (Students are allowed to charge 1 meal. After that, the child is given a replacement meal.) Comp meals are at the discretion of Middle School Administration.

    To Prepay Lunch: For your convenience parents, you can prepay for school lunch using a computer or smart phone here, or by check or cash.