Stranahan High

Home of the Mighty Dragons

Board of Directors Roles

  • The Board of Directors includes:

    • an Administrator (oversees the Academy, approves all events, field trips, guest teacher and presenters; maintains contact with business partners and the IHL partners; monitors the goals of the C.R.E.S.T. Academy and ensures that the mission of the academy is accomplished),
    • Guidance Counselor (assists with scheduling issues; counsels the students through personal problems; guides the students toward post graduate opportunities and college admission; assists with job applications and searches; and assists with all assemblies or functions),
    • an Academy Coordinator (facilitates monthly meetings of academy teachers and Board of Directors; sets up Career Days and/or Human Resource Days; engages parents and businesses in the development of the academy; develops a student Leadership Team; is the direct link between the school members and community members; and puts the vision of the board into action for the school),
    • a Special Events Coordinator (assists with all assemblies or functions; assists with them development of business partners and IHL partners; orders awards and/or certificates; sets up/breaks down all events; and oversees the invitations sent to the community and businesses for different scholastic affairs),
    • a District Liaison (informs the board of resources available from the district level; assists teachers with curriculum needs; and makes recommendations regarding equipment, materials and supplies that will enhance C.R.E.S.T),
    • a Community Liaison (refers resources to the board for field trips, guest speakers, guest teachers, and scholarship opportunities; provides contact information for mentors, internships and community service; and provides information on training and schooling opportunities),
    • an Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) Liaison (assists C.R.E.S.T. with information regarding post graduate academic opportunities; provides information on scholarship opportunities; exposes students to campus life, college visits and higher education, and the opportunities that are available; provides supplemental services, resources and materials; and provides contact information for guest speakers),
    • a Student Liaison (is the voice for the ninth grade class and assists with all assemblies or functions and is apart of the C.R.E.S.T. Leadership Team) , and
    • a Parent Liaison (assists with all assemblies and functions; improves the communication between parents and schools; develops parent engagement strategies; and chaperones field trips).  Increased maturity, motivation, connection to the school and student achievement is evident since the inception of the board of directors.