Westglades Middle

Broward County Public Schools


  • 2016 – 2017 Westglades Wolves Athletics Tentative Schedule

    Athletic Director: P.J. Battaglia



    Boys Coach:                Mr. Haneski                Raymond.Haneski@Browardschools.com

    Girls Coach:                Ms. Sweeney              Mary.Sweeney@Browardschools.com

    Meeting                                  Friday August 26      8:15 gym

    Tryouts                                   Monday Aug. 29 – Sept 2

    First Game                              Wednessday Sept. 14 vs.  Imagine Charter

    Last Regular Season game   Thursday Oct. 6 vs  Crystal Lake

    Championship                       Tuesday Nov. 1



    Boys Coach:                Mr. Grissete                Joseph.Grissette@Browardschools.com

    Girls Coach:                Mr. Hood                    Adam.Hood@Browardschools.com

    Meeting                                  Friday Sept. 2                        8:15gym

    Tryouts                                   Tuesday  Sept. 6 – Sept. 19  USUALLY TWO CUTS

    First Game                              Wednesday Oct. 26 vs. Lauderdale Lakes

    Last Regular Season game   Wednesday Nov. 30 @ Crystal Lakes

    Championship                       Thursday Dec. 15



    Coach:                         Ms. Matteis                 Michelle.Matteis@Browardschools.com

    Meeting                                  Thusday  August 25th           8:15 gym

    Tryouts                                   August 29  - Sept. 2

    The games are same as basketball



    Boys Coach:                Mr. Haneski                Raymond.Haneski@Browardschools.com

    Girls Coach                 Ms. Golzbein               Sharon.Golzbein@Browardschools.com

    Meeting                                  Friday Nov. 18           8:15 gym

    Tryouts                                   Monday Nov. 21 –  Friday Dec. 2

    First Game                              Tuesday Jan. 17

    Last Regular Season game   Thursday Feb. 9

    Championship                       Boys Tuesday Feb. 21 &  Girls Wednesday Feb 22




    Flag Football

    Boys Coach:                Mr. Aronofsky            Andrew.Aronofsky@Browardschools.com

    Girls Coach:                Ms. Azzarelli               Dawn.Azzarelli@Browardschools.com

    Girls Coach:                Ms. Matteis                 Michelle.Matteis@Browardschools.com

    Meeting                                  Thursday January 12           8:15 gym

    Tryouts                                   Tuesday Jan 17 – Friday Jan 20

    First Game                              Tuesday Feb. 21

    Last Regular Season Game   Thursday Mar. 16

    Championship                       Saturday Mar. 25 at Dolphins Practice Facility




    Sprints Coach:           Ms. Johnson               Fernanda.Johnson@Browardschools.com

    Distance Coach          Ms. Arriola                  Sheryl.Arriola@Browardschools.com

    Field Events Coach    Mr. Austin                  George.Austin@Browardschools.com

    Meeting                                  Friday Feb. 24

    Tryouts                                   Monday Feb. 27 – Friday Mar. 10

    First Meet                               Week of April 3-6

    Regionals                                Week of May 8-11

    Championships                     Monday May 15



    Westglades Third Annual Sports Banquet Friday June 2nd