• Thank You Broward County Public Schools Volunteer

    Greetings Everyone,
    Thank you for your dedication and commitment as a Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Volunteer.
    During this school year, the District celebrated its 100th Anniversary, and more than 8,500 volunteers met the
    Centennial Volunteer Challenge!
    For a complete list of these “Volunteer Superstars” visit browardschools.com/bcps100/superstars.
    Our volunteers make a difference and we look forward to your continuous involvement!
    We encourage volunteers who have not been active to renew your commitment to BCPS, and get involved this year!
    To connect with a school, email us at volunteer@browardschools.com.

    As the 2016/17 school year approaches, below are some important details.
    * The online application is now available! All volunteers must complete the online application for the 2016/17 school year. This process facilitates a safe and secure environment for students, as well as updates our volunteer information through the maintenance of accurate records. Visit browardschools.com/getinvolved to complete the application form and to receive approval before the first day of school.
    * Share your experiences and thoughts by completing a brief questionnaire at browardschools.com/getinvolved/questionnaire.

    We are sincerely grateful for your support, which positively influences our students’ academic, social and emotional growth.
    Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable summer!