Tequesta Trace Middle

Broward County Public Schools

  • Tequesta Trace offers many electives for students to choose from. The following is an overview of each elective:

    • Physical Education - Available to 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students. Students in Physical Education learn the rules and play various sports, such as flag football, soccer, kickball, basketball, and neucomb.


    • Code - Available to 6th grade students. In this hands-on coding class, students will learn basic computer science, basic code programing, algorithms, computer languages, and computer vocabulary. Students will learn how to become good digital citizens. The many interactive learning opportunities will help nurture problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity. Students will be using Google Drive, Slides, and Pixlr. There is an exam at the end of the quarter. Upon passing, students receive a certificate saying they earned a multi-essential tool. This helps for preparedness for high school and college.


    • Computers - Available to 7th grade students. This hands-on class will teach students how to use many popular software applications. Students will learn animation skills, how to use presentation tools, compose music, create podcasts, and engage in more exciting activities! Students will use programs such as iMovie, KeyNote, GarageBand, AppleWorks and more. This class is designed for students of all levels, beginner to advanced.


    • Aides-Office & Teacher - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. Students assist eachers and/or office staff with various tasks. Students must have a 3.0 GPA and satisfactory conduct (No U's or N's). An application needs to be filled out that requires teacher recommendations.


    • Media Aides - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. Are you a teen helper? Do you want to know your way around the media center? Are you comfortable trouble shooting technology? How about working in the media center helping students and teachers with research? We are looking for students that are organized, responsible, team players, and creative. Does this describe you? Then being a media aide may be for you!


    • Creative Writing - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. Get your "stories" out there! In this dynamic writing workshop, students will experience the benefits of creative expression through crafting and revising their own short stories, poems and non-fiction essays. All writers will be full participants in the "workshop" process; not only will they learn various exercises to help them free the writing muse, but they will also engage in the process of sharing and editing each other's work in a non-judgemental environment. Discussions will be devoted to analysis of student work and that of professional writers. Students should expect to come away with a greater knowledge of craft, enhanced approaches to revising their work, and a far better understanding of their own unique writing style.


    • Film - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. Students explore the fundamental concepts, terminology, techniques, and applications of digital imaging to create original work. The instructional focus will be on film. Students produce digital animated images through the single or combined use of computers, digital cameras, digital video cameras, scanners, photo editing software, drawing and painting software, graphic tablets, printers, new media, and emerging technologies. Through the critique process, students evaluate and respond to their own work and that of their peers to measure artistic growth. The course incorporates hands-on activities, the use of technology, and consumption of art materials. This course will meet graduation requirement for Performing Fine Arts graduation credit. THIS IS A HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL COURSE AND IT WILL AFFECT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GPA.


    • Journalism - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. This course is an introduction to newswriting techniques, with emphasis on learning news values, recognizing parts of a story, and writing stories that meet standards of accuracy, grammar, style, speling, law and ethics. Emphasis on word usage and spelling for students interested in print, boadcast, public relations, and, even, possibly, Web-based writing styles. This course emphasizes the clear writing of accurate, clear and meaningful news stories for print and digital formats. Also, this is an introduction to the practice of journalism and how it has shifted over the years. Students will be asked to write articles in a variety of styles and be willing to have them published. Classes will include discussions, group and individual meetings, writing, revising, and publishing.


    • Choir 1 & Advanced Show Choir - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. Do you love to sing or just want to learn how to sing and sound great? There is a chorus class for you! Students of all levels are welcome. Students who wish to be in the Advanced Show Choir must audition to be selected. Students who choose not to audition will be automatically placed in the Choir 1 class. Students will study proper singing technique, and learn to apply proper vocal technique while learning and performing traditional choral music as well as popular songs from Broadway Musicals and Popular Recording Artists. Students taking a choir elective will have performance opportunities at school functions, feild trip performances, community events and Florida Vocal Association Events.


    • Band 1,2&3 - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. Have you ever wanted to play a musical instrument? Do you know how to play an instrument but want to join others and take the experience to a whole new level? If so, there is a band class for you. Students of all levels of musical ability from beginner to the most advanced are invited to be part of this elective. Students who join the band will learn all the basics of music while learning to play really exciting music from their favorite movies, video games, songs as well as traditional musical works. Students will have performance opportunities at school funcions, field trip performances, community events and Florida Bandmasters Association Events. You do not need to have any experience to join the band, however, if you already know how to play an instrument and are not currently in a band class, you will need to play a short audition so that you can be placed in the band colosest to your ability level.


    • Peer Counseling - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. To be a peer counselor you must have a 3.0 GPA. Through classroom instruction, role-playing, and skill building activities, peer counselors are trained to help their fellow students. Peer counselors help by peer tutoring, peer mediating, and peer counseling. Along with daily peer activities students will participate in several field trips doing community projects enhancing your overall learning experience. In order to be a peer counselor you MUST be a person who enjoys helping.


    • Advanced Drama - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. This course is designed for the serious Drama student. Students at this level are required to participate in the activities associated with the Junior Thespian Society, and are also expected to produce a full scale production in their course of study. Additionally, these young actors and actresses will be expected to work independently on both small group and individual scenes, developing characters and consistently raising the bar on their own performances. A serious approach to the craft is expected from the students in Advanced Drama.


    • Advanced Art - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. The Advanced Art student is one who has a strong desire to develop his/her interest in all types of visual arts. The year long class includes portfolio as well as group projects. Students must be able to work independently, as well as in small group settings.


    • Yearbook - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. In this course, students will be involved in the entire yearbook process (print layouts, photography, print copy, design and advertising). Students should be available to work outside of the normal school day when deadlines are approaching. Student GPA, behavior and teacher recommendations will be considered when determining who will be selected for this class.


    • Speech & Debate - Availabe to 8th grade students. This class in an introduction to the world of Speech and Debate, and is offered for HS credit. A variety of speaking skills and techniques will be covered, from the basic to the complex. Students should be prepared to participate in both speech presentations and formal/informal debates. They should be comfortable working in small groups, researching different topics, and memorizing material.


    • Technology - Available to 8th grade students. This class is designed to give students the opportunity to work in a modular lab setting that is equipped with a computer-based learning system. This is a HANDS-ON class. The twenty-station lab provides students with access to a wide range of technology topics, including but not limited to: Digital Photography, Computer Aided Publishing, Fiber Optics, Lasers, Graphics and Animation, Audio Broadcasting, Multimedia Production, Graphic Design, Vinyl Sign Making, Video Production, Rocketry, Aerodynamic CO2 Dragster Design, LEGO Mind Storm Robotics, Electronic Communication, Structural Bridge Building, CNC Embroidery, Web Page Design, Computer Aided Design and 3D Architecture. Be prepared to learn a lot and have fun while doing it!


    • Introduction to French - Available to 8th grade students. Students will learn the basics of conversational French and how to hold basic conversations and communicate basic needs in case of travel. This not a high school level class with an EOC. Students will learn about French culture and history and take virtual tours of a number of the important cultural and historic locations throughout France while learning to communicate both in the present and past tenses.


    • Spanish 1 - Available to 7th & 8th grade students. This course provides students with a general introduction to the Spanish language, pronunciation, vocabulary related to everyday activities, basic grammatical structure, and cultural information. The student will develop communicative skills in all 3 modes of communication (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational) and cross-cultural understanding. Emphasis is placed on proficient communication in the language. An introduction to reading and writing is also included as well as culture connections, comparisons, and communities. THIS IS A HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL COURSE AND IT WILL AFFECT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GPA.


    • Spanish 2 - Available to 8th grade students. Prerequisite-Spanish 1. This course reinforces the fundamental skills acquired by students in Spanish 1: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course further develops communicative skills in all 3 modes of communication and cross-cultural understanding. Reading and writing receive more emphasis, while oral communication remains the primary objective. The cultural survey of the Spanish-speaking people is continued. THIS IS A HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL COURSE AND IT WILL AFFECT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GPA.


    • Spanish for Spanish Speakers - Available to 8th grade students. This course enables students whose heritage language is Spanish to master their language skills across the three communicative modes as they develop knowledge of the Spanish language. Specific content includes, but is not limited to: 1) reinforcement of the students' communication skills: their ability to express ideas, feelings, and opinions in oral and written forms 2) further development of vocabulary and grammar skills 3) reading and interpretation of works of target language writers and 4) awareness and appreciation of the culture of the Spanish speaking people. THIS IS A HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL COURSE AND IT WILL AFFECT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GPA.