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    Stranahan's Medical Magnet Academy Program
    ….program features that are distinctly unique...

    The Stranahan Medical Magnet Academy Program has been created by Stranahan's administrators and teachers in conjunction with a notable Medical Advisory Board, made up of medical professionals, business and community leaders to provide Medical Science Magnet Program students with a remarkable program that heralds a new era in medical science education.

    The program is more than standard, on-campus classroom and laboratory curriculum. Much more! Stranahan's program includes, dual enrollment classes, advanced level courses and internships with local hospitals and medical facilities.

    The Stranahan new Medical Science Academy Program puts the focus on college preparatory in the biomedical sciences or careers in the healthcare industries. Classroom, laboratory and clinical sequences have been designed to provide students with competitive advantages that far surpass standard high school programs.

    Specialty Courses

    Biomedical Sciences
    Human Body Systems
    Medical Interventions/Genetics
    Biomedical Innovations/Forensics
    Health Science Anatomy and Physiology
    Health Science Foundations
    Health Science III Allied Health

    Dual Enrollment

    Anatomy and Physiology
    College Algebra
    College Trigonometry

    Advanced Placement Courses

    Physics I
    Environmental Science
    Calculus, AB, BC
    English Language
    English Literature
    Spanish Language
    Spanish Literature
    World History
    American History
    U.S. Government
    Computer Science
    Studio Art
    Art History