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Immunization Information



June 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian:

This letter is to advise you that in order to start 7th grade in the fall, your son or daughter needs to have their school immunization records updated. An updated 680 Immunization form must be on file prior to the start of the 2017/18 school year. No Shots, No School The required vaccines for 7th grade are as follows: Varicella (chicken pox) – 2 doses for students in grades two through eight. Varicella vaccine is NOT required if there is a history of varicella disease documented by the Health Care Provider on the 680 form. TDAP: (Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis) Students entering, attending, or transferring to 7th gr. Your child may have already received these immunizations. Contact your doctor to verify if your child is up to date. If they are, have the doctor’s office complete a 680 form and turn it into the Main Office as soon as possible. Please do not put this off as many doctors become overbooked during the summer months. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Mrs. Vicki Barsch, Registrar School Office Summer Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 754-322-4830 to drop off forms. Form must be on file to receive 754-322-4885 fax student schedule in August. 

Mrs. Vicki Barsch